College & Research Libraries is a scholarly research journal published by the Association of College & Research Libraries.

Current Issue: April 2019

Cover: College & Research Libraries volume 80, number 3, April 2019

Recasting the Narrative: Adapting and Leading the Transition to New Roles

Wendi Arant Kaspar

As I write this editorial, I am attending SXSW EDU in Austin—not your average library conference as it focuses on trends in education more broadly (higher education and K–12) and the impacts or opportunities that emerging technologies present. My primary motivation for attending was to gain a new perspective and challenge well-ingrained mental models—in truth, to get out of a rut. The sessions definitely aligned with trends we see in education. ...

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Same Question, Different World: Replicating an Open Access Research Impact Study

Julie Arendt, Bettina Peacemaker, Hillary Miller

To examine changes in the open access landscape over time, this study partially replicated Kristin Antelman’s 2004 study of open access citation advantage. Results indicated open access articles ...

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If Research Libraries and Funders Finance Open Access: Moving Beyond Subscriptions and APCs

John Willinsky, Matthew Rusk

Following the examples of SCOAP3, in which libraries fund open access, and eLife, in which funding agencies have begun to directly fund open access scholarly publishing, this study presents an analysis of how creatively combining these two models might provide a means to move toward universal open access (without APCs). This study calculates the publishing costs ...

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Evolving and Enduring Patterns Surrounding Student Usage and Perceptions of Academic Library Reference Services

Jodi Jameson, Gerald Natal, John Napp

This descriptive study analyzes results from an 18-item survey which assessed students’ usage and perceptions of library reference services at a comprehensive public metropolitan university. Among 235 surveys completed between November 2016 and January 2017, the majority of respondents represented the “Generation Z” population of college students ...

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Implementing the ACRL Framework: Reflections from the Field

Don Latham, Melissa Gross, Heidi Julien

In an exploratory study, interviews were conducted with fifteen librarians to learn about their perceptions of and experiences with the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. Participants reported that they are implementing the Framework implicitly rather than explicitly, and their instruction has become ...

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Student Constructions of Authority in the Framework Era: A Bibliometric Pilot Study Using a Faceted Taxonomy

James W. Rosenzweig, Mary Thill, Frank Lambert

Using bibliometric data and a faceted taxonomy first published by Leeder, Markey, and Yakel, this pilot study examines student constructions of authority generated from a sample of 60 research papers by students in a freshman-level English composition course. The taxonomy classifies ...

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